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5 Best Places to Visit in Manali

Excited about your summer holiday trip? Well, if you have not chosen the destination to travel, till now, Manali 

is the place, you must consider enjoying a memorable holiday this summer. 

Wants to know the best places to visit? Here are the 5 best places you would love to visit on Manali Honeymoon Package.

1. Rohtang Pass

Located at height of 4,111M (13,400 Ft.), Rohtang Pass is one of the most exciting Mountain passes to visit in Manali. This is the most popular and top tourist place in Manali, as it’s the place where you can experience snow, even in summer season. Moreover, the mesmerizing view of glaciers, mountains, and the river flowing down will make you fall in love with this place.

2. Solang Valley

Solang valley is another largely popular tourist place in Manali. Solang is not very far from the main Manali town and you may find it on the way to Rohtang only. Solang is a beautiful valley, where you can enjoy Skiing, paragliding, zorbing, etc. the slopes of the valley provides the options of some of the adventurous recreational activities, such as rolling ball, etc.   

3. Hadimba Temple

Surrounded by the snow-capped mountains, Hadimba Temple is a beautiful and sacred temple of Hadimba Devi. As per Mahabharata- the ancient epic in Sanskrit, Devi Hadimba was the mother of Ghatothkach and wife of Bhima- one of five Pandava brothers. The architecture of this temple is completely different from the usual Hindu temples you might have seen. The construction includes carved wood, stone walls, metal roof, etc. Hadimba Devi was said to be a demoness who married 2nd of Pandava brothers, i.e. Bheema. All in all, it’s a place you would not want to miss on your Kullu Manali Trip. 

4. Van Vihar

If you want to enjoy the fun and adventure of boating, while viewing and admiring the beauty of sky-high Deodar trees, Van Vihar is the place to visit. It is a beautiful national park maintained by local MCD and a place where people of every age loves to visit. The lake purposely made between the sky touching Deodar trees gives a fascinating experience to the visitors. It is also a place for the people fond of photography with mesmerizing views around. 

5. Trip to Kullu

The visit to Kullu is covered usually in the Manali trip by most of the visitors, both places, not being far from each other. Apart from exploring beautiful sceneries, you may enjoy the visit to some of the most popular temples, i.e. Bijli Mahadev Temple, Raghunath Temple, etc. Moreover, if you love fun and adventure, you have the options of trekking, river rafting, Mountaineering, etc. in Kullu. 

Manali is also a place couple, especially from North India, prefer to visit on Manali Honeymoon Package. Looking for the best Manali Holiday packages? Well, you may contact Assure Trips to explore and get the best Manali tour packages planned by qualified tour and travel experts.   

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