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Explore the beauty of India’s two famous Hill Stations: Manali and Shimla

Shimla and Manali both are known as the most beautiful hill stations of India. If you are planning a trip to for this vacation then we will suggest you opt for these two beautiful hill stations which will increase your pleasure and enjoyment. Manali and Shimla both are not very far from each other you can make a simultaneous trip to both places. If you are married newly and wanted to go on a honeymoon looking for some wonderful places then we suggest you go for the Shimla Kullu Manali Honeymoon Package of assure trips which will increase the pleasure of your travelling and make your honeymoon wonderful.

Manali is known as one of the most beautiful places situated in the lap of the Himalayas on the top of the map. There you can enjoy beautiful sceneries, side views, natural beauty and specially Rohtang pass. If you wanted to enjoy the pleasure of natural snow during summer than Manali will be the best option to visit these summers as there you can enjoy and play in the natural snow on the top of mountains at Rohtang pass which is just 50 km away from the Manali town. If you are going on honeymoon and planning to explore Manali with your partner then here is the best Manali Package for Couples from the side of assure trips which take care for your comfort level and convenience.

Places to explore in Manali

There are lots of places which can be visited by one while having a beautiful time in Manali. The city is most famous for its clean roads, eateries, trees of eucalyptus, cafes, local market and beautiful sightseeing places. Let us come to know about some places to visit in Manali during your stay:

* Salong valley

* Rohtang Pass

* Nehru Kund

* Hadimba Devi Temple

* Natural Parks 1,2 and 3

* Monasteries

* Rahala waterfalls

* Kullu


Kullu is known as the capital of Manali which is around 50 km downside to Manali. Kullu is famous for its fruits cultivation, beas river, Manikaran and temples. One should make Kullu Manali Trip at least once in their lifetime as they both are very beautiful places attached to each other.

Who we are

Assure trips is worldwide known as the best holiday package provider in affordable ranges. We plan your trip according to your requirement our main aim is to take care of your comfort, convenience and budget, therefore, we are giving you the opportunity of grabbing cheapest holiday packages with best facilities. Assure trips is dedicated to their clients and tries to give the best to them so that they can have a successful trip with lots of beautiful memories in their mind. Today we are providing the Shimla Manali Honeymoon Package which will increase the bond of love between both of you.

Let's talk about Shimla

We have been shared a lot of things about Manali but still, Shimla is behind our reach of knowledge. Shimla is one of the beautiful hill stations which is situated at the height of around 2200 metre above from the sea level. If you wanted to explore the beauty of Shimla you should visit their by toy train, there are various places where you can visit in Shimla some of the famous places are:

* The Ridge

* The Mall

* Kufri

* Jakhoo Temple

* Tara Devi Temple

* Christ Church

* Lower Bazaar

* Chadwick falls

* Shimla water catchment sanctuary

* Jakhoo hills

* Hip hip hurray amusement park

* Viceregal Lodge

* Dorje Drag Monastery

* Maria Brothers

So, if you are planning a visit to Shimla and Manali then must go for our Cheapest Kullu Manali Trip along with Shimla for increasing your pleasure and making your vacations memorable with lots of glories.

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